Benefits of Being an ISCA Member

Benefits of Being an ISCA Member

Elevate Your Professional Stature

Leverage ISCA's professional and specialisation pathways to gain the professional competence and advantage that sets you apart.

Connect and network with business, accountancy and finance professionals in Singapore and internationally. Broaden your access to regional and global markets and a community of more than 2 million chartered accountants.

Be at the Forefront of Business and Practice Insights

Access technical resources and guidance, research reports and knowledge-sharing events to stay updated with accounting and business insights

Gain In-Demand Skills Through CPD Offerings

Acquire new skills and fast-track your career. Upskill and reskill via a wide range CPE courses and professional certification programmes.

Member Support

Tap career support services and resources tailored for the professional group you belong to.

Member Privileges and Social Events

Discover exclusive special deals from merchants that you get to enjoy as an ISCA member!