Counting to 3: Navigating Singapore's Scope 3 Emissions Journey Together

For many organisations, Scope 3 emissions can account for more than 70% of their overall emissions footprint. Yet, our survey found that 94% of Singapore's organisations are not fully measuring and analysing Scope 3 emissions. This joint research study by ISCA and Schneider Electric identified ​four groupings of organisations in relation to their progress around Scope 3 emissions reporting - High Adopters, Moderate Adopters, Low Adopters, and Emerging Adopters.

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Sustainability Transformation: The Role of Accountancy and Finance Professionals in the Singapore Manufacturing Sector

Sustainability is already reshaping the Singapore manufacturing sector. The infusion of sustainability into the manufacturing sector has led to accountancy and finance professionals potentially playing a bigger role in their organisations, particularly in aligning sustainability objectives with business strategies. This joint research study by ISCA, SMF, Deloitte, and SMU identified 10 sustainability skillsets for sustainability transformation for the manufacturing sector.

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Sustainability 2

Sustainability Jobs and Skills for the Accountancy Profession

Sustainability is creating new and emerging roles for accountancy and finance professionals, such as the Chief Finance & Sustainability Officer (CFSO) and the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Specialist. This joint research study by ISCA, EY, SMU, and SAC, also identified sustainability trends, as well as skills required for preparers and assurance service providers.

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The Burgeoning Green Finance Market

The case is undeniable for the world to go green and in fact, is one of great urgency. Globally, rising temperatures, storms, droughts, melting ice sheets and rising sea levels are leading to the destruction of nature, animals, and human lives. Pandemics, too, have their root causes in climate change...

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Advancing Together on The Journey of Sustainability

From the location of our solar system, the size and stability of our sun and our distance from it to the composition of the atmosphere, it takes a very precise set of conditions to maintain life on this planet we call home. Greenhouse gases in the atmosphere absorb some of the energy from the sun and warm the earth just enough for life to be viable on earth...

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Social Accounting

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is an increasingly popular topic in the corporate world and beyond, highlighting a need for best practices and a stronger understanding of what it really means to be a sustainable business...

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The Role of Business in Accelerating Sustainability and Inclusiveness

The Covid-19 pandemic is a wake-up call to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable and inclusive global economy that can achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs provide a common framework of goals, targets, and indicators for governments, business, and others to address systemic, interconnected development challenges.

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Climate Action in a Climate Emergency

Climate change is serious. The threat is immediate. There is no long-term planning horizon. It is one of those big, scary, multifaceted societal problems that will require serious, coordinated vision and leadership to solve. This is not a problem we can wish away or hope that technology will somehow come to the rescue and save us. It won’t.

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Singapore Stewardship Principles


Stewardship and The Accounting Profession: Contributing to Sustainable Businesses

November 2016 marked the launch of the Singapore Stewardship Principles for Responsible Investors (SSP), spearheaded by an industry-led Steering Committee of which ISCA is a member. The SSP comes into play at a time when discussions about the nature of corporate leadership, social responsibility and sustainability have begun to intersect and deepen. The launch of the SSP is timely and will help build a common understanding on stewardship responsibilities as well as engage stakeholders.

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Singapore Stewardship Principles

The Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants is pleased to support the Singapore Stewardship Principles (SSP 2.0), an industry-led effort to encourage responsible investment, promote good stewardship practices amongst investors, and create sustainable long-term value for all. As stewards of companies, accountancy professionals have a critical role to play in being the conduit between the investee companies and investors to communicate how sustainable business value is created in an environment of good governance.

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