Quality Management 1.5-Day Workshop


Suitable for Practitioners & Audit Professionals

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Competency Mapping 10.5 Hours (Cat 3)

Programme Objective

ISCA has issued three interrelated standards that address quality management in October 2021. These three new interrelated standards, which replace Singapore Standard on Quality Control (SSQC) 1 and Singapore Standard on Auditing (SSA) 220, are effective 15 December 2022. Audit firms are required to adopt a risk-based approach to implement quality management systems that are responsive to changes in the nature and circumstances of the firms and their engagements.

In today’s evolving and increasingly complex audit environment, having a system of quality management is not just a matter of complying with the standards, but also to establish a strong foundation for consistent engagement quality. 

This 1.5-day workshop will provide you with insightful knowledge and help to address your concerns on your Singapore Standards on Quality Management (SSQM) implementation process.


Programme Outline

  • Understand the key requirements of SSQM, common practical challenges faced by Small and Medium-sized Practices (SMPs) and recommended approaches to address them
  • Receive a FREE ISCA SSQM Toolkit (consisting of possible quality risks, suggested policies & procedures, implementation help tips, practical examples and forms for each component)
  • Learn how to adapt from ISCA SSQM Toolkit and tailor to your firm’s circumstances
  • Discussion-based workshop including advice from facilitator on the development of your customised quality management manual. Exchange ideas with fellow practitioners