The Institute is developing a sustainability roadmap in 2022 to drive sustainability efforts in support of the Singapore Green Plan 2030 and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The roadmap will include the establishment of policies and processes to measure, track and report the Institute’s sustainability targets.

We are committed to being environmentally responsible, actively support initiatives that reduce the Institute’s environmental impact and embed sustainability (and social responsibility) within the Institute’s strategy and operations. We seek to understand the effects our activities have on the environment by supporting initiatives such as:

  • Reduction of energy and water consumption
  • Waste minimisation
  • Recycling of resources

At the Institute, we recognise the important role of sustainability as a catalyst for businesses to evolve their corporate strategies to stay competitive and meet the future demands and challenges. At the same time, we also see tremendous potential and opportunity for the accountancy profession. As stewards of financial resources and corporate reporting, accountancy professionals are well-placed to take on a more prominent and active role in spearheading and driving sustainability practices within their organisations. We envisage accountancy professionals to galvanise their organisations into adopting green initiatives and producing high-quality sustainability reporting.

On this note, ISCA is committed to take the lead to influence and help our members in this space. We will educate and create awareness among our members on the role that accountancy professionals can play in driving sustainability. We will dedicate resources to drive initiatives which aim to raise the capabilities of our members in sustainability. This will include developing relevant certification programmes and CPD courses, producing guidances and publications. To harness synergy in collaborations, we will also work with like-minded bodies to achieve common goals in sustainability.

We have formed a sustainability reporting taskforce, which is chaired by ISCA CEO and includes staff from various departments who have knowledge of ESG matters and the Institute’s operations. This cross-functional team is responsible for developing and implementing ESG initiatives and delivering reporting and disclosures relating to the Institute’s ESG performance.