Terms of Reference


ISCA’s Sustainability and Climate Change Committee (SCCC) (formerly known as the Corporate Reporting Committee) is chaired by Mr Tan Wah Yeow and comprises individuals with significant experience and subject matter expertise in sustainability-related matters. 

The terms of reference of the SCCC are to: 

a) Promote understanding and appreciation of the importance of sustainability, including climate change among others, in business strategy and operations;

b) Advocate the professional accountant’s role in the sustainability and Sustainability Reporting (“SR”) of an organisation;

c) Promote adoption of quality SR in Singapore;

d) Advocate and promote Singapore’s interests in relation to SR standards and requirements; and

e) Keep abreast of sustainability and SR related advances, such as green finance, and give consideration to the need for guidance.

These are executed through the SCCC with the support of three Sub-Committees – the SR Quality Sub-Committee (chaired by Mr Ian Hong); Sustainability Excellence Sub-Committee (chaired by Ms Fang Eu-Lin); and Education Sub-Committee (chaired by Mr Henry Tan).

We hope that this webpage will be a useful resource to both the accountancy profession and business fraternity in adopting meaningful sustainable development and sustainability reporting.