Open for Comment

Being the national accountancy body, ISCA aims to be the voice for the Singapore auditing profession at the international stage. Leveraging on the expertise of the ISCA Auditing and Assurance Standards Committee and the ISCA Professional Standards Division, ISCA takes a leading role to advocate the views and proposals of the audit community in Singapore. In tandem with the advocacy initiatives, ISCA actively listens to and seeks views from key stakeholder groups on international proposals and pronouncements as well as locally developed standards and guidance.


Public Consultation

ISCA actively undertakes public consultation with its members and stakeholders to gather feedback on matters such as proposals in Exposure Drafts/Consultation Papers/Invitation to Comment/Discussion Papers/Request for Input issued by the IAASB, issuance of locally developed standards/guidance, and implementation issues pertaining to the application of auditing and assurance standards in Singapore.

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ISCA Comment Letters

The ISCA Professional Standards Division monitors developments in the auditing and assurance landscape and issuance of new exposure drafts and proposed pronouncements by the IAASB.

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