About APP

What is the Accelerated Pathway Programme (APP)? 

The APP was launched to enable all accountancy students at local Autonomous Universities to attain their Chartered Accountant of Singapore (CA Singapore) designation in a shorter time frame. The APP encourages students through sponsorships and support, to frontload their Singapore Chartered Accountant Qualification (SCAQ) Professional Programme (PP) modules while studying.


What are the Benefits of the APP?

Under the APP, ISCA will sponsor the following SCAQ-related fees:

  • Annual SCAQ candidature fees till graduation from university.
  • Module exemption fees (for up to 2 modules).
  • One-time SCAQ module exam fees (except the IB module) for penultimate and final year students.
  • Complimentary revision classes for the Assurance (AS) and Business value, governance and risk (BG) modules for enrolled students.


The APP is currently only open to accountancy undergraduates at local autonomous universities:  National University of Singapore (NUS), National Technology University (NTU), Singapore Management University (SMU), Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) or Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS).

University Degree
Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Bachelor of Accountancy
Master of Science in Accountancy [previously known as Master of Business Administration (Accountancy)]
National University of Singapore (NUS) Bachelor of Business Administration (Accountancy)
Singapore Management University (SMU) Bachelor of Accountancy
Master of Professional Accounting
Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) Bachelor of Accountancy (part-time included)
Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) Bachelor of Accountancy


Singapore Chartered Accountant Qualification (SCAQ) Programme 

Get more information about the Singapore Chartered Accountant Qualification (SCAQ) Programme here

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How do I sign up? 

If you are an undergraduate from one of the courses listed above, you can apply to become a SCAQ candidate through the SCAQ website.

Your application fee will be waived. You will need to obtain a letter from your school as supporting documentation that you are enrolled into the degree courses listed.

Enrolment for the SCAQ exams will be available for you from 3 May. Subsequently, you will be able to enrol for the module exams and sign up for the complimentary revision classes.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. International students are eligible if they are studying the accountancy course at the local autonomous universities with direct entry into the SCAQ.

There are no restrictions based on nationality or residency for this initiative.

The APP will be piloted for a period of 2 years. There is no limit to the number of candidates under the APP. Undergraduates who sign up as SCAQ candidates within the 2 years will be eligible. The APP will apply till the candidate has graduated from the university.

Candidates under the APP who sign up for the revision classes are required to attend the classes. Attendance will be tracked. Candidates who fail to attend the classes after signing up will be barred from attending future classes.

You will need to be enrolled for the relevant examinations to be able to enrol for the revision classes. Communications will be sent to enrolled candidates to sign up for the revision classes.

Yes, candidates may withdraw from the SCAQ by submitting a withdrawal request through the SCAQ candidate portal.

No, there is no obligation attached to the APP.

Yes, as long as you are an undergraduate in one of the direct degree programs, you will be eligible for the APP.

If you signed up as a candidate in 2024, ISCA will provide a sponsorship for the fees paid within the calendar year (2024). We will not be subsidising any fees that were incurred prior to 2024.   

You may write to to request for a refund of your fees paid in 2024.

ISCA will provide a one-time sponsorship for the examination fees under the APP. If you are resitting the module in 2024, ISCA will provide one-time sponsorship for the examination resit fee. Any subsequent resits are not subsidised.

ISCA will evaluate the take up and effectiveness of the programme before deciding if it would be extended.

Yes, you may defer your exam. However, deferment fees of $109 are not included under the APP. 

Yes, you may attend the December revision classes as long as you are still under the APP.

Yes, you may attend the revision classes for the exam that you are enrolled in as long as you are still under the APP.

ISCA will provide virtual complimentary revision classes for the Assurance (AS) and Business Value, Governance and Risk (BG) modules for APP candidates who have enrolled for the June 2024 exams. The details of the revision classes are shown in the table below:

 Assurance (AS) moduleBusiness Value, Governance and Risk (BG)
Class 115 May 2024, Wednesday, 7pm to 9pm18 May 2024, Saturday, 2pm to 4pm
Class 229 May 2024, Wednesday, 7pm to 9pm23 May 2024, Thursday, 7pm to 9pm

#Please note that you are required to attend BOTH sessions.

You will receive the confirmation and further information on the revision classes via email by 13 May 2024 (Monday). If you did not receive the confirmation email by end of 13 May 2024, please write to us at
Yes, the recordings of revision classes will be made available to enrolled candidates till June 2024. Please note that you are required to attend both sessions of the revision classes.
Your attendance is mandatory for both sessions of each virtual class as scheduled, as attendance will be monitored.
If there are changes to your graduation date after your application as an APP candidate, please write to us at for us to assess on a case-by-case basis.

The list of required documents includes, but is not limited to, the following:

a. Latest academic transcript of university degree;
b. Front and back copy of NRIC (for Singaporean & PRs) / Passport or front and back copy of FIN (for foreigners); and
c. Certification letter from your university to certify your undergraduate status (including your current academic year and degree programme).

Unable to find your answer in the FAQs? Email us at