Returning to Membership

Former members of ISCA who wish to return to membership can apply for reinstatement by completing an online application.

Reinstate within year of removal

To reinstate your membership, you may login to the ISCA eServices Portal and submit your reinstatement application via the "Reinstate Membership" button by 31 December of the year of removal

You will need to pay the following fees (subject to prevailing GST):

Reinstate within 5 years from year of removal

Former members who had resigned or were removed due to non-renewal in the past five years can submit a reinstatement appeal. 

You may submit your request via the "Submit reinstatement appeal" button and provide the following information:

  • Employment details
  • Reason(s) for non-renewal of membership and why you are seeking to return to membership at this point in time
  • CPE records covering the preceding triennium period. if you are unable to provide any CPE records, please write to us at for further assistance. For more information, visit CPE requirements and  CPE exemptions.

Application will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Upon successful application, we will notify you of the outcome and you will need to pay the following fees (subject to prevailing GST):

  • Reinstatement appeal fee of $200 (exclude GST)
  • Annual subscription fee for current and past year(s) 
  • Late payment fee of $30 (exclude GST)


You may complete and submit this form online for the processing of your appeal request. Kindly ensure that all the required details are provided to facilitate the appeal process. The processing officer will contact you if any further information/clarification is required.

The appeal process will take approximately 4-6 weeks from the point of submission depending on the completeness of the information and documentation required.

Feel free to contact us at or +65 6749 8060 if you require any further assistance with the appeal process.

Yes, former members are required to submit their verifiable CPE records for the preceding triennium period (e.g., if you submit your appeal in 2022, you will be required to submit your CPE records for 2019-2021).

Your CPE requirements will be based on your membership class at the point of removal. Please refer here for more information on your CPE requirements.


Verifiable CPE refers to activities that could be objectively verified by a competent source. Examples of verifiable CPE activities include:


• Attending seminars, talks or workshops, in-house training provided by your employer
• Attending online programmes or e-learning
• Attending board or audit committee meeting
• Studying for an MBA or other post-qualification programmes
• Preparing for and sitting for professional examinations

• Writing technical articles, papers and books
• Coaching or mentoring


In the event that there is any shortfall in the CPE hours, former members will be required to make up for the hours by submitting a CPE plan detailing the courses they intend to attend.


Please write to us at if you require any assistance with your CPE compliance.

For courses, seminars, workshops or conferences organised by the Institute, you do not need to submit supporting documents. 

For courses not organised by the Institute, the following examples represent evidence that could be used for verification:
• Confirmation of participation by a provider, organiser, instructor, employer, mentor or tutor
• Confirmation of registration or invoice for payment of course fee
• Letter of endorsement issued by employer or training organisation
• Agenda or meeting minutes (for involvement in Board or Audit Committee meetings)
• Transcript, examination result slips
• Publication of a professional article or a research project

Former members will be required to pay:


  • Back payment of the subscription fees for years they were out of membership. The annual subscription fee will be based on the rate for that year.
  • Reinstatement appeal fee of $200 (exclude GST)
  • Late fee of $30 (exclude GST)

(All fees indicated are subject to prevailing GST)