ASEAN Chartered Professional Accountant (ASEAN CPA)

For ISCA members

Gain access to ASEAN, the world's fastest expanding economies

Under the Mutual Recognition Arrangement on Accountancy Services (MRAA), a professional accountant who is an ASEAN national and possesses the necessary qualifications and experiences that complies with the MRAA may apply to be an ASEAN Chartered Professional Accountant (ASEAN CPA).


Benefits on being an ASEAN CPA

ASEAN CPAs are legally allowed to provide accountancy services (except for signing off on the independent auditor’s report and providing accountancy services that require domestic licensing) in ASEAN markets without having to undergo extensive re-training or re-qualification procedures.

The mobility of accountants within the ASEAN Economic Community region is facilitated by the MRAA which was signed by all ten ASEAN member states in 2014.

The ASEAN CPA title will provide you with market access to the rest of ASEAN, presenting new opportunities in one of the highest growth economic regions in the world!