Fellow Chartered Accountant of Singapore

The Fellow designation is a recognition accorded to long-standing senior CA (Singapore) members. The official designation of a Fellow Member is "Fellow Chartered Accountant of Singapore" or "FCA (Singapore)". This prestigious designation is awarded to existing CA (Singapore) who are in leadership positions. It is a mark of distinction that signifies the epitome of professional achievement for accountancy professionals and is the highest level of membership attainable within the Institute.


CA (Singapore) members may apply to be a Fellow upon fulfilling the following criteria:

  • 10 years of continuous full membership with ISCA; and
  • No less than 5 years at a senior management level or equivalent, or been in full-time practice as a public accountant either individually or in partnership

How to Apply

Log in to your account on the ISCA eServices portal

Fill up the online application form

Upload a copy of the following supporting documents:

  • Detailed resume 
  • Employment testimonial(s) covering recent 5 years of Senior Management level experience

    Application submission

    Upon submission of all necessary information and supporting documents, we will notify you of the application outcome. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Applicants need to provide testimonial(s) from previous and current employers covering 5 years of senior management level working experience. Each testimonial submitted should be presented on the company's  letterhead specifying the period of the employment, with the exact commencement and cessation dates, the job title and a detailed description of senior management level duties.
    While we encourage applicants to submit their employment testimonial(s) along with their detailed resume, submission of a detailed resume is accepted. The resume should be updated with the applicant's latest employment details and specify the senior management level responsibilities  undertaken by the applicant within their respective roles. 
    Applicants will need to fulfill the criteria of maintaining their CA (Singapore) membership for 10 years. The option to apply for FCA (Singapore) will not be made available to those who have been CA (Singapore) for less than 10 years.