Board Mentoring

The ISCA Board Mentoring Programme is designed to provide board aspirants with access to experienced Board Panel Mentors to learn, network and grow. Through this programme, mentees can pick up valuable tips on positioning themselves for board service, leadership management skills, and stakeholder communication, amongst many other areas of expertise which the mentor could offer.

Board Panel Mentors

The Board Panel includes esteemed Chartered Accountants with immense board expertise.

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Why should board aspirants join the ISCA Board Mentoring Programme

Are you a finance professional with aspirations to become a Board Member? Are you keen to hear real-life experiences and receive advice from an experienced Board Member? Participate as a mentee to:

Board mentorship

Programme Outline


  • The programme will begin in 2024 Q2.
  • It will be an ongoing programme.



ISCA will conduct regular sessions for the programme: 

  • Introductory session to kickstart the programme for Board mentors and mentees. 
  • Throughout the mentorship period:  
    • Regular get-together sessions will be arranged with knowledge sharing, networking and break-out segments;
    • Board mentor may be rotated to different groups of mentees to facilitate insights exchange and networking. 


This is an exclusive and complimentary programme for ISCA members and Board of Directors Masterclass attendees.



If you have further questions, please write to