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Board Appointment Services

ISCA’s Board Appointment Services serve to connect experienced Chartered Accountants to board appointment opportunities.

A board of directors with diverse backgrounds enables a well-rounded and effective process for decision-making. ISCA members are professional accountants well-equipped with the skills and expertise to contribute in terms of technical competencies and professional experience.

This is an exclusive service for ISCA members and participants of Board of Directors (BOD) Masterclass Programme, including ISCA corporate members. Find out more about:

  • ISCA individual membership here
  • ISCA corporate membership here


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FAQs for ISCA members

The Board Appointment Platform is designed for experienced or aspiring board members among ISCA members who are seeking board opportunities.

Yes, you can still do so. We also encourage you to explore ISCA’s Board of Directors (BOD) Masterclass here and sustainability courses here

Log In - Please log in via the ISCA Board Appointment Platform, with your ISCA membership log in email and password.  

Complete profile details – Complete the required fields with your information, including industry, board experience, specialisation etc.  Please prepare the following information: 
  1. ISCA membership number;
  2. LinkedIn profile URL;
  3. Your profile write-up, in not more than 1,000 characters; and
  4. Your profile picture (acceptable format in jpeg, png in less than 2MB in size) 
Submit profile – Check and ensure that your profile information is in order before submitting.  

Feature –Your profile will be featured on the Board Appointment Platform upon submission of your profile details. 
Where board opportunities arise, the organisation or ISCA will contact the shortlisted ISCA members for further details and evaluation.
Yes, please log in to the ISCA Board Appointment Platform and edit your profile information.  

FAQs for organisations

The ISCA Board Appointment Services is a complimentary service for ISCA members, including corporate members.  

A placement fee of $980.00 (before GST) is applicable for each successful placement, for non-ISCA corporate members.  

A preferential rate is applicable for SGListCos' members, please write to for details. 

Log In - Please log in to the ISCA Board Appointment Platform using your ISCA membership log in email and password, to access a list of ISCA members' profiles.  

Shortlist - Filter the list of ISCA members based on industry, board experience, specialisation, etc., according to the requirements of the organisation's board position, and click "Shortlist" button on the selected ISCA member's profile.

Connect – An email will be sent to you containing instructions to connect with the shortlisted ISCA members. The organisation contacts the shortlisted ISCA members for further details and evaluation.  

Appoint – The organisation to update ISCA on the appointment of the selected ISCA member. 

If further assistance is needed, please get in touch with