Public Sector Finance: Build & Go Beyond Your Capacity!

Keep your skills and knowledge updated with courses curated for Public Sector Finance!

Accounting and finance professionals in the Public Sector have the flexibility to plan and choose your CPE activities according to your individual needs and circumstances. It is a mandatory requirement, if you are an ISCA member, to fulfil at least 2 verifiable hours of ethics courses every year or 6 verifiable hours of ethics over a rolling three-year period. Below are the recommended courses for your evolving learning needs.


Recommended Courses for Public Sector Leaders and Finance Professionals

Web-Bitez & Mini Conference Series
Course CodeCourse TitleCPE HoursTraining Mode
MC009v Mini Conference Series: Financial Reporting New2.5 Live Webinar
PSWEB12 Goods and Services Tax (GST): Updates and Avoiding Pitfalls 2 Live Webinar
WEB12 Insights on Sustainability (ESG) Reporting Requirements 2Live Webinar
FRS Refresher
Course CodeCourse TitleCPE HoursTraining Mode
A196vAnalysis and Review of Public Sector Accounting: SB-FRS 14Live Webinar
A218vFRS 116 (IFRS 16) Leases (Case Study Approach)7Live Webinar

Substainability Matters
Course CodeCourse TitleCPE HoursTraining Mode
A285vKey Accounting Considerations in Adopting Green Energy - Implementation of FRS 115 & FRS 1163.5Live Webinar
BF011iSustainability E-Training for Directors NEW4E-Learning

Financial Report Analysis
Course CodeCourse TitleCPE HoursTraining Mode
A249vFinancial Reporting: Analysis from A Managerial Perspective7Live Webinar
BF007iFinancial Statement Analysis1E-Learning

Preparation of Financial Statements
Course CodeCourse TitleCPE HoursTraining Mode
A287vPreparation of Financial Statements with FRS 1 and FRS 103.5Classroom
WD001Apply Knowledge of Accounting-Related Concepts SSG Funded24Classroom

Legal & Ethics Viewpoint
Course CodeCourse TitleCPE HoursTraining Mode
E108vEthical and Legal Issues in Procurements and Contractual Agreements 7Live Webinar
E168vLaw and Ethics of Fraud for Company Insiders7Live Webinar

Ethical Consideration of Mental Health
Course CodeCourse TitleCPE HoursTraining Mode
E176vIs your mental health affecting your "going concern"? - Accountants' mental health and its implications on Ethics2Live Webinar

Ethics x FRS Updates
Course CodeCourse TitleCPE HoursTraining Mode
E179VEthics and Update of Financial Reporting Standards (FRSs) for Finance Professionals NEW3.5Live Webinar

Project Management & Problem Solving Skills
Course CodeCourse TitleCPE HoursTraining Mode
IA029v Root Causes Analysis7Live Webinar
MP191vMeasuring the Success of Finance Transformation Projects NEW7Live Webinar

Sharpen Presentation Skills for Effectiveness
Course CodeCourse TitleCPE HoursTraining Mode
MP155vPresentation skills - Present Like a Professional7Live Webinar
MP157vPresentation Skills - Bring the Numbers Alive!7Live Webinar

Manage Changes with Better Leadership & Team Management
Course CodeCourse TitleCPE HoursTraining Mode
MP139vLeadership Development Program for Managers: Lead With Impact By Enacting Transformational Behavioral Traits14Live Webinar
MP168vEffective Finance Business Partnering7Live Webinar
MP173vTransform to Perform for Finance Leaders7Live Webinar
MP006i*Effective Delegation and Feedback1.5E-Learning
MP007i*Effective On-The-Job Coaching1E-Learning
MP008i*Effective Conflict Management1E-Learning

* Leadership Series: There is no pre-requisite for the Leadership series e-learning courses. The modules need not be taken in sequence and participants have the flexibility to sign up for individual module(s).

Internal Control & Governance
Course CodeCourse TitleCPE HoursTraining Mode
WD011WSQ Review and Implement Financial Controls SSG Funded16Classroom
RM134vIntroducing Internal Controls to Manage Risks in the Business World NEW7Live Webinar
RM002iEnterprise Risk Management1.5E-Learning

Financing in the New Economy
Course CodeCourse TitleCPE HoursTraining Mode
BF182vEmbarking on Green and Sustainable Financing3.5Live Webinar

Budgeting & Analysis for Strategic Decisions
Course CodeCourse TitleCPE HoursTraining Mode
BF164vFinancial Planning & Analysis Methodologies – A Practical Approach7Live Webinar
BF091vUnderstanding Business Planning & Budgeting3.5Live Webinar
BF153vBudgeting: Going Beyond a Routine Exercise7Live Webinar
WD009 WSQ Evaluate and Interpret Financial Reports SSG Funded14Classroom