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Accounting and finance professionals in the Public Sector have the flexibility to plan and choose your CPE activities according to your individual needs and circumstances. It is a mandatory requirement, if you are an ISCA member, to fulfil at least 2 verifiable hours of ethics courses every year or 6 verifiable hours of ethics over a rolling three-year period. Below are the recommended courses for your evolving learning needs.


Recommended Courses for Public Sector Leaders and Finance Professionals

Recommended Programmes
Course CodeCourse TitleCPE HoursTraining Mode
 ISCA Professional Business Accountant (PBA) Programme32.5Blended Learning
 ISCA Sustainability Professional Certification New55Blended Learning
FRS Updates
Course CodeCourse TitleCPE HoursTraining Mode
A302v2024 Technical Update on SFRS(I), IFRS Accounting Standards NEW7Live Webinar
A303vSFRS(I) Updates 2024NEW7Live Webinar

Legal & Ethics Viewpoint
Course CodeCourse TitleCPE HoursTraining Mode
E108vEthical and Legal Issues in Procurements and Contractual Agreements 7Live Webinar
E168vLaw and Ethics of Fraud for Company Insiders7Live Webinar

Ethical Consideration of Mental Health
Course CodeCourse TitleCPE HoursTraining Mode
E176vIs your mental health affecting your "going concern"? - Accountants' mental health and its implications on Ethics2Live Webinar

Ethics x FRS Updates
Course CodeCourse TitleCPE HoursTraining Mode
E179VEthics and Update of Financial Reporting Standards (FRSs) for Finance Professionals 3.5Live Webinar

Managing Challenges in Ethical Dilemmas, Reporting & Corporate Governance
Course CodeCourse TitleCPE HoursTraining Mode
E125vEthical Dilemmas in Government Procurement7Live Webinar
E175vManaging Ethical Challenges in Grant Governance7Live Webinar
E061vAccounting Ethics: Understanding & Detecting Creative Accounting Practices 14Live Webinar
E006iCorporate Governance and Control 1.5E-Learning
E119vThe 7 Deadly Sins in Accounting Ethics7Live Webinar

Project Management & Problem Solving Skills
Course CodeCourse TitleCPE HoursTraining Mode
IA029v Root Causes Analysis7Live Webinar
MP191Measuring the Success of Finance Transformation Projects7Classroom
MP168Effective Finance Business Partnering7Live Webinar
MP198vUnleashing Innovation through Design Thinking (Blended) NEW6Blended

Sharpen Presentation Skills for Effectiveness
Course CodeCourse TitleCPE HoursTraining Mode
MP157vPresentation Skills - Bring the Numbers Alive!7Live Webinar
MP197vQuery Free Audit Finding Documentation7Live Webinar

Manage Changes with Better Leadership & Team Management
Course CodeCourse TitleCPE HoursTraining Mode
MP193vGROW and Develop Your Team Using A Coaching Style 3.5Live Webinar
MP006i*Effective Delegation and Feedback1.5E-Learning
MP007i*Effective On-The-Job Coaching1E-Learning
MP008i*Effective Conflict Management1E-Learning

* Leadership Series: There is no pre-requisite for the Leadership series e-learning courses. The modules need not be taken in sequence and participants have the flexibility to sign up for individual module(s).