About Our Brand


The ISCA Brand Essence: A Global Mindset with Asian Insights

The ISCA Brand Essence “A Global Mindset with Asian Insights” encapsulates ISCA’s unique advantages, located strategically in Singapore, the hub of the high-growth Asia Pacific region, and having its sights set on the global accountancy landscape.

Core Elements of the ISCA Brand Identity


ISCA Corporate Colours

The red in the ISCA logo connotes dynamism and leadership.

The blue in the ISCA logo represents:

  • Experience. With more than 50 years of supporting the development of the accountancy profession, ISCA has the knowledge and know-how to propel Singapore’s accountancy profession onto the global arena. Established in 1963, ISCA shapes the accountancy landscape through its continual involvement in the profession’s development. Working in partnership with diverse stakeholders, including government agencies, global accounting organisations, professional bodies, employers, educators, and the public, we are dedicated to empowering our members to achieve their aspirations.
  • Intelligence. ISCA has the expertise in Research, Technical Advisory, Quality Assurance and Industry Development, as well as the network to international thought leaders, to provide thought leadership on key accountancy topics, technical expertise
  • Professionalism. Professionalism has been a key distinguishing trait of the Institute since its inception. ISCA strives to attain a high level of professionalism by upholding high standards in all we do.
The Lion Symbol

The lion symbol underscores ISCA’s country of origin, the Lion City – Singapore. The lion is a majestic animal and enjoys the status of being king of the animal kingdom. The Lion symbol thus also reflects ISCA’s powerful resolve to drive change and achieve success.

The Stylised “A”

The stylised script in the letter A, with its upward stroke, symbolises dynamism and breakthrough.

ISCA Brand Personality

The ISCA Brand is:

  • Resolute. As the national accountancy body, ISCA is determined to succeed in its vision to be a globally recognised professional accountancy body, bringing value to our members, the profession and wider community. It is motivated by its purpose and guided by its core belief in integrity.
  • Experienced. With more than 50 years of supporting the development of the accountancy profession, ISCA has the knowledge and know-how to propel Singapore’s accountancy profession onto the global arena. ISCA will also leverage its unique advantages of being strategically located in the hub of the high-growth Asia-Pacific region and having a global outlook.
  • Dynamic. With a vibrant corporate culture that values dynamic growth and demonstrates forward thinking, ISCA will strive towards bringing value and empowering our members to achieve their aspirations.
  • Intelligent. ISCA, with its in-house expertise in research, technical advisory, quality assurance and industry development as well as its international network, demonstrates thought leadership.
  • Driven. ISCA has set bold, ambitious goals to put the Singapore accountancy sector on the global map and has courage and drive to achieve progress.